Purchasing Process

We will make buying a home a process of selection not elimination. Together, we will make it an adventure and I’ll take care of the process.

We will clarify your needs and wants and identify the four most important criteria: location, price, style and condition. Below, is a step by step overview of purchasing a home.

Step 1: Get Pre-Qualified

Speak with a Lender to find out not just what you qualify for, but what you feel comfortable spending. Be sure to understand what you should and should not be doing prior to closing on your new home.

Step 2: Initial Appointment with Me, Your Realtor

The purpose of the initial appointment is to clarify how things work in terms of your expectation: first, what you want; second, what you need; and third, what you can expect. The four important criteria: Location, Price, Style and Condition. This determines the properties we search for.

Step 3: Schedule Showings and Viewing Homes

We will discuss in greater detail when we get together. Remember, we will make home buying a process of selection not elimination.

Step 4: Write the Offer, Negotiate Terms, Contract Ratification

Review and understand the purchase contract and addendums. Remember, there is much more to a contract than the sales price. Your Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) will be deposited upon ratification of the contract.

Step 5: Loan Application

Within 7 days of contract ratification, you will need to officially apply for your loan with your Lender.

Step 6: Property Inspection

Within 14 days (+/-) after ratification, the inspection(s) take place. The cost usually ranges from $300-$500, depending on square footage.

Step 7: Appraisal

An appraiser is someone who validates the price you are paying for your home. This is charged prior to closing and the cost ranges from $400 to $500 (your Lender can confirm this cost).

Step 8: Final Walk-Through

After your loan is “Clear-to-Close”, we will re-visit the home one final time prior to closing to be sure it is in acceptable condition and all repairs have been completed per the inspection addendum. This is typically the day before or the day of closing.

Step 9: Closing Time! (30-40 days after ratification)

Also referred to as settlement, you will sign final documents at the title company or attorney’s office. Upon conclusion of the paperwork, I will give you the keys and you will be the rightful owner!